Faculties that belong to biomedical major and psychology, Here is the list:

  • General medicine and dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Public health
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biology
  • Psychology

Clinical student who has not got their medical degree or other profession degree can participate in Research Paper and Poster (RPP) competition, but is not allowed in other competition branches.

Due to schedule rearrangement from INAMSC competition, we allow clinical student who has just entered clinical phase after April 2019 to join all of our competition branches including RPP, Literature Review, Public Poster, and Educational Video.

All of the registration files can be downloaded on the Liga Medika website or after you filled the registration form on the Liga Medika website ( ligamedika.com/inamsc ).

country indonesia visa

You can visit the link bellow for more detail information. en.wikipedia.org/Visa_policy_of_Indonesia

You will get email confirmation 1-2 days after your registration process. If you haven't get the email confirmation after 1-2 days you can contact the contact person (CP) for registration line id/wa: amirahyasmin/+628119408949

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